Selected either the high altitude
vineyards or the more vigorous
lower altitude vineyards.
The vines in general were trellised.
The grapes were hand-picked
then immediately pressed to avoid
too much color extraction.
The juice was settled for
48 hours, then racked for a cool
and long fermentation.
Once the fermentation was finished,
the wine was separated from lees,
sulphured and left to settle
slowly during one month


Lovely pink red color.
Intense red currant
and ribena aromas.
Almost strawberry.

Great acidity and not
bone dry, the strawberry
flavors linger on.

“Ideal with an aperitif or any starter,
Asian food or any spicy fusion food.
Chill before serving.”

Jesús Prieto
Winemaker of Bodegas San Valero