RESERVA - Castillo de Monseran


We selected vineyards from 2 areas:
The lower altitude vineyards, for structure
and ripe fruit flavor.
And the high altitude vineyards,
600-700 meters, located
in the heart of mountain ranges, giving
a cooler growing season producing
more fruit  flavors.

The average yield is of 4 tons/hectare
which is very low, as we selected mainly
bushes vines on stony soils
(either alluvial or glacial deposits).


The wine has a medium to deep
red color. Aromatically, intense,
great complexity of a Spanish red.
Smoky, red fruits (red currant,
strawberry) with tones of
vanilla and spice.

The texture is lush,
soft tannins with long flavors
of red fruits and vanilla.

RESERVA - Castillo de Monseran

“To be served with all meat dishes
marinated or cooked, pasta dishes
and perhaps best after a meal. ”

Jesús Prieto
Winemaker of Bodegas San Valero